Virgin blogger

20 09 2005

Hey this is my very first entry in my new journal so I am not entirely sure what I want to say, or how I will use this… if at all. The idea of emptying my thoughts is appealing though putting it out there into the public domain is pretty scary. I have already censored myself so many times I am wondering if this is worthwhile at all and if nothing else it just goes to show how bothered I am about what other people (including absolute strangers) think of me. In fact, now I think of it, I used to keep a diary but never put what I really thought in it so that my friends could read it (which is surely not the point) – maybe that urge to divulge an edited part of us is what made these web logs so popular…

Anyway lets see if I update this again! And if so if I have something a little more interesting to say!!!