Working from home

7 06 2006

I am working at home today (yay) as I have a dentist appointment (boo). It is such a relief though as this is my first week back from a long holiday and I am exhausted from the jet lag. I used to work from home every Monday and Friday but now I am back to working five days a week in London which is 2 1/4 hours from my home… the commuting is not usually so bad but after a break I am out of practice and the past couple of days have seemed particularly tough.

After being away for 3 weeks it is actually quite good to be home. We have only lived in this house for a few months so now we are back from the holiday I think we have a ton of plans which we would like to work on so make the house our own. I love living where we do (hence the stupidly long commute) – especially when the sun is shining like it is today. Warwick is such a lovely town – so pretty. Leamington Spa is equally near to us and that is a great place too.

Lunchtime is over so I am signing off now so I can get on with my work.




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