Things to do

12 06 2006

As I am in complete procrastination mode, I thought I would quickly update my blog with the week’s goings on. Since my last post I had my teeth cleaned at the dentist and was relieved to find my hygenist was a doll and not a butcher like the last one I had. The weather has been fantastic for about a week now so my friends and I are all hoping for it to last until the weekend coming as we are off to Hyde Park to see the Foos. So so so excited about that.

This weekend just gone has been a real bitter-sweet mix. Saturday was much fun. England won their first match (against Paraguay) in the World Cup and our friends Phil and Kevin hosted a BBQ. We had a blast. Then on Sunday, Rich and I were very much looking forward to going to our niece Millie’s Christening. Unfortunately the day was marred by Millie’s father (Rich’s brother) Matt falling ill and being admitted into hospital. He seems to be doing OK and we are both wishing him all the best for a very speedy recovery. As well as being very poorly indeed, he must be so disappointed to miss Mille’s first ‘big day’.

The Christening itself was lovely though and our niece was incredibly well behaved!

Now I really must avoid the inevitable and help Rich get this house cleaned… we need a cleaner again!!!




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