Contemplating my next writing assignment

6 07 2006

When I get home tonight I have to read 10 chapters of my coursebook as I am SOOOOO behind it’s not even funny. Then, I have to do my next assignment TMA03 and I am already half a week into a two week extension to the deadline.. so yeah, I better get writing. This is the first time I have written a poem for years and I have to admit I am pretty anxious about it. I have no issue with writing my commentary afterwards – that will be a piece of cake – but its just getting 40 lines down of something passable enough that a) I don’t embarrass myself and b) it is good enough to get me a Level 2 pass (which is what I am aiming for overall).

The ironic thing is I have really enjoyed both the Literature courses I have done so far towards my OU degree but finding the time and energy has been increasingly difficult. I am also thinking about what my third course will be so that I can get on to the October course.

ETA I have decided to post all my on OU assignments (TMAs) on here (have backdated the posts for TMA01 and TMA02 as at the date I picked up the marked papers). EEEK.




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