Drop and gimme twenty…

18 07 2006

For my upcoming 30th birthday, my parents suggested they get a personal trainer for me.  At first, I was pretty hacked off – yeah ok I do *need* to lose weight and sure a personal trainer *would* be the best way to do it and yeah, I wouldn’t *necessarily* get off my arse and do anything about it otherwise (other than bitch and moan to my long suffering husband about it) – but did I really need to have this as my present for my birthday where I am already feeling sensitive about getting old???  So what, I am old and fat – is that what you are saying, Mum???

But I have now got over myself and realised this is a really excellent opportunity because I do feel pretty miserable about my size and doing the job/commute I do makes it far too easy to find an excuse not to exercise.  Little Miss Ungrateful has now left the building and since Saturday, I officially have my own personal trainer which is exciting, depressing and pretty cool all at the same time.

I was completely bricking it before he came – I had no clue what to expect. I was half-expecting Mr Motivator to be standing on my doorstep or worse, Sgt Major Dickwad who was going to break me if it’s the last thing he did… thankfully I was wrong. My Mr Motivator is actually a really normal (but very fit) 50 year old (which kind of puts me to shame but hey… ) who seems to have the right mix of positivity and reality that makes me think it might just work. Its cool to think that I might actually shed some of the extra layers that have been getting me down and get healthier and fitter in the meantime.

Now for what needs to be done: He set a pretty realistic eating target (have breakfast, eat more fruit, drink more water – not rocket science) and he also set the following exercise regime: Mon, Wed, Fri – 1 mile power walk before work (I have so far missed this yesterday and today so I must do it tonight!) 30 min walk every lunchtime Mon – Fri and Nightly exercises – done and done! He is back for his next session a week today … will keep you posted.




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