Let’s get physical

26 07 2006

Last night I had my first sesh with Mr Motivator and ooh it was good. I am feeling v positive and into the whole fitness thing – if only I could drag my sorry ass out of bed half an hour early and I would be golden. There is pretty much ZERO chance of me doing any exercise now until Monday as its BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!!

Tomorrow I am at my bro’s for the night in Brighton (his bday is tom), then the next day is my 30th, then the Saturday is my hubbies bday so its all celebrations and alcohol and food and presents and general fun and laughter and NOT about walk/running for a mile. It feels like my birthday has already started as I was ‘encouraged’ to open presents from my in-laws tonight (lots of lovely things) and then Rich insisted I open the main pressie from him which was the most gorgeous ruby ring – I am still grinning like a goon about it – he has just fabulous taste!!!




2 responses

1 08 2006

it was a fluke – honest 🙂

1 08 2006

aw stop being bashful 🙂

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