There’s no I in poetry

29 08 2006

I am over the moon with my TMA mark for my last assignment.  I wrote two autobiographical poems with the following prompts: ‘a photograph’ and ‘a journey’

Marital Kiss

Lost in time and space suspended   
Eyes closed and breath held
Lips meeting in a perfect fit
No sound, just stillness.

Ivory on black, organza on cloth   
Pearls dance and silk wrinkles
Cool May winds blow veil
Strong hands warm cold back.

The guests have gathered and await us
But for this moment it is just him and me. 

One Thousand Miles, One Week

Leaving glass towers built on marsh  
the interstate leads us north
as scrubland and strip malls flash past
sand and ochre become fern and olive

With each new sight, anticipation grows
for the next, expectation rises
desperate to cling to fleeting images
and forever commit them to memory
Quaint Carolina river towns bustle
strange places with strange familiarity 
old south charm welcomes me
yet I  keep moving on to the next stop

Further north still I meet mountains
Virginia’s pride is our joy
I treasure each new experience  
yet I leave never quite connecting

Mark: 77%


No more Mr Nice Guy

25 08 2006

As predicted, I have made pretty much no progress at all with my attempted weight-loss.  I admit that I wasn’t completely honest with Mr Motivator about how much (or rather, how little) I had been doing, exercise-wise.  He was very surprised at my lack of progress and immediately changed our planned routine so we could “step things up a notch”.  So we went out for a run, which was good, and he has given me new homework to do:

  • 15 -20 minute run + cool down 5 times a week (a little optimistic, no?)
  • New nightly exercises to be added to those I am supposedly doing already, being  20 pick-ups plus using weights during the lunges and squats.
  • 30 minute walk 5 times a week (at lunchtime)

I have to say I am pretty skeptical.  I know I haven’t been totally open with him about how much little exercise I have been doing, but I did tell him I wasn’t doing the required amount so I am not convinced that giving me more to do is going to really work.  However I am willing to at least try.  I may have to start thinking about getting some kind of chart and reward system to bribe me into getting the exercise done.  Like, exercise = TV.  Or Clothes.  Or shoes.  Or booze.

When the crew turn derisory…

23 08 2006


I saw this and it made me giggle.  Which is pretty good going since I am in a stinker of a mood today!

Lazy ass bitch

23 08 2006

I suck.  I officially suck.  I have come to the conclusion that I am such a lazy cow it isn’t even funny.  I have zero will-power and zero conviction.  I cannot get my arse off the sofa for just 15 mins of exercise 4 times a week.  On Thursday, I will be measured again for the first time since we started and I am pretty sure that I will have made no progress whatsoever.  I have got progressively worse.  Let me remind you of what I ought to be doing:

  • 1 min walking / 1 min jogging for 1 mile, four times a week
  • Nightly exercises, every night (20 push-ups (girlie style), 20 lunges, 20 squats, 30 second plank, 30 seconds side-planks, 10 stomach crunches)
  • 30 minute brisk walk, 5 times a week (lunchtime)

Let me tell you what I have done in the last seven days:

  • 20 minute slow stroll around the shops (yesterday)
  • Rush to catch train home (yesterday) including running from work to Bank, between Central Line and Bakerloo Line platforms and then from Bakerloo Line to the mainline station platform.
  • 1 x nightly exercises (yesterday)

That’s it.  Nothing else.  It’s shameful.  I really have no excuse.  Let’s now look at the food requirements:

  • 2 litres of water a day
  • Healthly breakfast everyday
  • 4 pieces of fruit a day

So far this week I have skipped breakfast once, drunk about 500 ml of water in total over the two days (but buckets of tea) and had 4 pieces of fruit in total.  Again, shameful.


Sexy shoes, jazz hands and a romantic river cruise

21 08 2006

Man oh man, Caroline and I are lucky gals to have such thoughtful husbands.  This weekend was just the best.  We get to our super-swank hotel, the Trafalfgar Hilton – very good start.  We leave for theatreland, having by now guessed that we are off to see a matinee but not knowing which one.  As we approach Guys and Dolls, we get girly and excitable by the prospect of seeing Johnny (a.k.a. Patrick Swayze) only to find out he was ‘indisposed’.  By the end of the show, we were all “Patrick Who?” – it was fantastic.  We then went back to the hotel to get dolled up for the next surprise – a river cruise dinner.  What a way to eat!  The food and drink were delicious and you couldn’t ask for a better way to see London.  I am here everyday but never get a chance to see this much of it and certainly not all lit up and sparkly.  It was just amazing.  Even my new sexy shoes held up (well, some bruising was experienced but no breaking of skin). 

sexyshoes.jpegMy Sexy Shoes.  I love you so much.

Life writing not a walk in the park after all

18 08 2006

Well I am pleased to say that I have submitted my assignment for my on time (due today, submitted today!).  I was surprised by my decision to go with two poems rather than a piece of prose – I struggled so much with the latter that it became necessary to do the former.  I will definitely persevere with life writing though.  I think I just need to do some exercises to get warmed up.  I think I will be celebrating in the normal fashion tonight  – sharing a bottle of wine and putting my feet up!

Tomorrow is Caz and my birthday weekend of fun and surprises.  I am so excited I could faint.  I also was able to pick up my ring from the jewellers that was bought for me by my darling hubbie – a beautiful ruby and diamond while gold affair that is just stunning.  I keep looking at my finger – it’s like I got engaged again!

Procrastination is a four-letter word

15 08 2006

I have been trying on and off for week to write my next assignment.  I foolishly thought this would be easier than the last.  I hate writing poetry and who can’t write about themselves?  Well, me apparently.  I can write rubbish on here until the cows come home but to actually write something readable, interesting, and most importantly, true?  That’s tough.  I have stared at a blank notepad for half an hour.  Then switched to a blank Word doc, thinking that might inspire me.  But no.  I have decided on the basic premise but taking it to the next level (i.e. putting some words down on the page) is just not happening at the moment.

I have just spent an hour browsing the web, myspace, blogs I read etc etc.  In other words, anything but actually thinking about my assignment which is due by 11.59pm Friday.  It’s ok, I am not panicking.  Not yet anyway.