Sexy shoes, jazz hands and a romantic river cruise

21 08 2006

Man oh man, Caroline and I are lucky gals to have such thoughtful husbands.  This weekend was just the best.  We get to our super-swank hotel, the Trafalfgar Hilton – very good start.  We leave for theatreland, having by now guessed that we are off to see a matinee but not knowing which one.  As we approach Guys and Dolls, we get girly and excitable by the prospect of seeing Johnny (a.k.a. Patrick Swayze) only to find out he was ‘indisposed’.  By the end of the show, we were all “Patrick Who?” – it was fantastic.  We then went back to the hotel to get dolled up for the next surprise – a river cruise dinner.  What a way to eat!  The food and drink were delicious and you couldn’t ask for a better way to see London.  I am here everyday but never get a chance to see this much of it and certainly not all lit up and sparkly.  It was just amazing.  Even my new sexy shoes held up (well, some bruising was experienced but no breaking of skin). 

sexyshoes.jpegMy Sexy Shoes.  I love you so much.




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