No more Mr Nice Guy

25 08 2006

As predicted, I have made pretty much no progress at all with my attempted weight-loss.  I admit that I wasn’t completely honest with Mr Motivator about how much (or rather, how little) I had been doing, exercise-wise.  He was very surprised at my lack of progress and immediately changed our planned routine so we could “step things up a notch”.  So we went out for a run, which was good, and he has given me new homework to do:

  • 15 -20 minute run + cool down 5 times a week (a little optimistic, no?)
  • New nightly exercises to be added to those I am supposedly doing already, being  20 pick-ups plus using weights during the lunges and squats.
  • 30 minute walk 5 times a week (at lunchtime)

I have to say I am pretty skeptical.  I know I haven’t been totally open with him about how much little exercise I have been doing, but I did tell him I wasn’t doing the required amount so I am not convinced that giving me more to do is going to really work.  However I am willing to at least try.  I may have to start thinking about getting some kind of chart and reward system to bribe me into getting the exercise done.  Like, exercise = TV.  Or Clothes.  Or shoes.  Or booze.




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