There’s no I in poetry

29 08 2006

I am over the moon with my TMA mark for my last assignment.  I wrote two autobiographical poems with the following prompts: ‘a photograph’ and ‘a journey’

Marital Kiss

Lost in time and space suspended   
Eyes closed and breath held
Lips meeting in a perfect fit
No sound, just stillness.

Ivory on black, organza on cloth   
Pearls dance and silk wrinkles
Cool May winds blow veil
Strong hands warm cold back.

The guests have gathered and await us
But for this moment it is just him and me. 

One Thousand Miles, One Week

Leaving glass towers built on marsh  
the interstate leads us north
as scrubland and strip malls flash past
sand and ochre become fern and olive

With each new sight, anticipation grows
for the next, expectation rises
desperate to cling to fleeting images
and forever commit them to memory
Quaint Carolina river towns bustle
strange places with strange familiarity 
old south charm welcomes me
yet I  keep moving on to the next stop

Further north still I meet mountains
Virginia’s pride is our joy
I treasure each new experience  
yet I leave never quite connecting

Mark: 77%




One response

29 08 2006

Yay, brilliant – well done!!!

Funny how we manage to dredge things up, seemingly from nowhere, don’t you think?


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