Laughter through tears is my favourite emotion

7 09 2006

I have just found this in my emails. It written by my very funny friend L and he sent it right when I was going through my ‘friend-divorce’. I have just laughed so hard at it, it made me cry. I remember thinking when I first read it “Oh shit, what the hell have I done NOW??!!”.

Dear Kathryn

I am writing this letter without C’s knowledge, as she would be very angry if she found out. Like you, a few weeks ago I decided to put pen to paper in an effort to communicate my anger and disgust at your actions. I am simply appalled that you would consider choosing the colour of your wedding invitations without any involvement from my wife or myself. We have known you for years, have watched you grow and been there for you during some difficult times, such as the heart-wrenching decision of which pizza to choose or whether to have beer or wine with it. It’s true that C has had some involvement in peripheral wedding decisions, like which dress you should wear, but this whole invitation issue has upset us both very much.
We haven’t known R very long, and to be honest we are not sure whether he is mature enough to accept the responsibility of choosing the colour of your invitations. He may even be colour-blind: who can say? We just hope that you haven’t “invited” disaster upon our friendship by excluding us from this part of your life, and hope you won’t look back on this as the moment it all went tits up.


I know I really ought not to laugh at something that was essentially taking the piss out of one of the most painful times in my life but you gotta love that L was able to make me laugh when I was so low. He is good like that.




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