Parlo molto male italiano

7 09 2006

We have just got back from a five night break at our parent’s little place in Italy – it was great.  Husband, Brother and I were there since Friday in a little Alpine village in Liguria called Carpasio.  The weather was much better than we had expected although we still didn’t make it to the beach. 

On Saturday, we went out for a run out in the car and ended up putting our poor hire car through its paces (sorry Hertz!).  Apparently, Italian maps do not distinguish between sturdy tarmaced roads and loose gravel / rock tracks.  According to this map, the road we chose was a ‘major thoroughfare’.  Now I don’t want to pick a fight about semantics with the makers of our Italian atlas, but unless they count gunrunning in the days of yore (ie pre-cars), there was nothing ‘major’ about that road.  It was barely a ‘throughfare’.  We only really realised what a pickle we were in once the road narrowed to a single track with a mountain face on one side and a sheer drop on the other.  The donkey at the side of the road hadn’t really given it away.  Neither did the herd of goats.  Admittedly, we were a bit perturbed by the looks of incredulity from the drivers of the 4×4 coming the other way.  When we finally were back on flat tarmac on the road into Triora, the Germans enjoying the view next to us as we pulled up were a bit alarmed by our overwhelming relief which manifested itself in pure hysteria.  On the plus side, it did feel like we were on top of the world:


Another day we went for a kick-ass walk which involved a lot of up-hill walking (damn those Alps) and thus, Mr Motivatior is placated.  And another day we went to the most pretty village we have seen yet, Verdedggia.  From this village, there is a walk up to the pass which we went though oun our crazy drive so one day we want to tackle that.  We spent the evenings either going out for meals (we were even brave enough to go to the neighbouring village’s pizzeria as well as Carpasio’s sole restaurant), staying in and cooking, reading, listening to tunes and playing games.  I managed to speak a bit of Italian but really wish I could do more so I am determined to learn more before I next trip out there. 

All in all we had a wicked time but the only downside is that I now have holiday-fever.  Ricardo and I have already started to discuss possible destinations.  Well, if you count the following as a discussion:

Me: So how would you like to go to the Carolinas?  I really liked it in Wilmington…
R:  *shrug*
Me: Or we could go back to Virginia.  We loved it there…
R: hmmm
Me: Or maybe Cape Cod?  We didn’t really get chance to see Boston properly…
R: *noncommital* uh-uh

My colleague just suggested I book it all up and then ‘surprise’ him with it for our anniversary next year.  I like this plan.  It’s like, 1st anniversary is Paper, 2nd is Cotton, 3rd is Leather and 4th is Holidays!  Of course if you are reading this, Ricardo, then my plans are scuppered.  Oops.




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8 09 2006

Wow! That looks gorgeous! I’d love to see more pictures. I think if I went to Italy I might be tempted not to leave. 😉

3 04 2009
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[…] The highlight of the evening for me was when I was browsing a holiday brochure and because hubbie was still pretty reticent to discuss holiday plans , I jokily invited his friend to come with me instead. I even offered to pay for […]

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