Silly pup

13 09 2006

Last night two of our mates came over for the evening, one of them bringing their cute dog. We were having a nice evening, eating KFC and watching the football. The highlight of the evening for me was when I was browsing a holiday brochure and because hubbie was still pretty reticent to discuss holiday plans , I jokily invited his friend to come with me instead. I even offered to pay for him.

It was pretty obvious I was joking. I mean, Ricardo was right there in the room. At first, he was quite enthusiastic, taking the joke and playing along. However, when I took it to the next level and started to tell him how many days off he would need, he got freaked. Instead of saying “shut up, crazy bitch, and take your husband” he actually started making excuses why he couldn’t go. He actually said “well, if I were to go to America, I would probably go on my own as there is geeky stuff I would want to do.” Like I meant it. Like I was serious!!! I didn’t say anything at first because we were distracted by the football, but about half an hour later I totally called him on it. And then I laughed my ASS off. Add to that the hilarity of seeing Jazz (the dog) eating a daddy long legs… ah good times!!!




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