When decking attacks…

18 09 2006

You will have to bear with me today because due to a very minor (but relatively painful) splinter-related injury, I am not able to type very easily today. 

The good things I did this weekend:

  • Gave a stranger a lift home when our train terminated early on Friday evening
  • Did all the washing and ironing
  • Painted our nest of tables
  • Had a cup of tea with my parents and old family friends from Denmark who were over to visit for the weekend.
  • Watched Dawson’s Creek (for a change).
  • Had dinner with our friends and our Goddaughter.
  • Handed in the penultimate assignment for my creative writing course.  I ‘just’ have the end of course assignment to go.  Oh shit.

Bad things I did this weekend:

  • No exercise.  At all.
  • Killed in excess of 20 daddy long-legs.  I tried other more humane ways around it but they just kept coming back.  So I killed them all.  I started off being really delicate about it and by the end I was just grabbing them and squishing them with my bare hands.  There is not much grosser than holding 10 or so half-dead crane-flies in your hand and feel them squirm.
  • Watched Man Utd get beaten at Old Trafford by the Gooners.  GRRRR.
  • Could not remember Danish friends children even though apparently I spent ages with the girl at my 18th birthday do.  Cannot remember it at all.  And couldn’t even fake it because the mother presented me with photos and then tested me on who everyone was. 
  • Spilled some grappa on my pillow-case and sucked it out so as not to waste it.  Just to clarify, I am not an alcoholic.

Despite the fact that my official lunchhour is now over, this is what I intend to do this afternoon:

  • Update my other blog
  • Find out what miso soup is
  • Research holiday options
  • Do some work

In that order.




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