Even lazier days

23 09 2006

It is 6pm on a Saturday and I have completely wasted today by sitting on the bed watching TV, reading blogs, writing my blog, searching for flights for a holiday in which my husband has no interest yet, reading and posting in forums, watching random videos on YouTube and drinking tea. This was not what I intended when I settled into this very comfortable position. I should have writing for my end-of-course assignment but other than read some of my course book, I have done jack.

On an even more depressing note, we have just discovered our car has been scraped by some dickhead who did not leave a note. It’s very distressing. Our lovely, beautiful, blue, new(ish) car. What is up with that? Are there any decent people left? I mean, if it were me (and I had caused that much damage), I would have to leave a note. My conscious wouldn’t have it any other way.  I hope.  Well I suppose if no-one had seen….  NO I would definitely, possibly, be likely to leave a note.


Oh Zizou, you have an ouchie. (FYI, Zizou is the name of our car. It’s normal to name your car, right?)




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