Memo to self

2 10 2006

In order to try to make these posts as interesting and worthwhile as possible, I have started taking notes throughout the day of things and thoughts that happen because what usually happens is that something will occur and I will think “I must write about that on my blog” but by the time I come to post all I can think to write about is whatever boring shit I have been doing that day.

In fact I even made a note to myself about the fact that I am now taking notes.  Unfortunately since I made that note to myself, I have had no further inspiration.  This weekend, I should have been writing furiously for my end-of-course assessment which will constitute 50% of my mark but instead I have been pacing restless around my empty house, trying to get motivated and inspired.  It’s really hard writing to order with no prompt or idea of where to start.  If I had actually done the exercises which were set in the coursebook, I might be in a better position but its a little late for that now.  I am hoping that once I get started I can get a load of lines of poetry off pretty quickly.  That’s the current plan.  The fact that I barely watched TV, surfed the internet and the fact that I didn’t update my blog is pretty telling!  This weekend I drove straight past avoidance and am now several hundred miles into the county of Panic.  I probably should try writing something right now instead of writing here….




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