Bad day

11 10 2006

Today has not been a good day. It’s in fact been a shite, tears-in-the-work-loos kind of a day. When you have days like this, you really notice when you have great people around you. Work can get to me at times but I am so thankful for my team on days like today. How many places have people who will buy you a pair of comedy knickers just to make you smile.


Or laminate a picture of Mr Darcy and hide it in your coat pocket for you to find on your way home. Or send you faux-official emails that look like they are work-related but in fact have amusing subtle difference that refer to an in-joke we share. The day was also much improved when a friend (and ex-colleague) who moved abroad earlier this year paid us a surprise visit at work this afternoon as she was in London on business. I was just completely over the moon. I really miss her but am glad she seems happy and well.

Do you ever have something you know you have to do but keep putting off? And you know the problem is serious and needs sorting but when you are confronted with it, it never seems quite that bad and you start to think you imagined everything? It’s shit, isn’t it?




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