Stiff as a board

13 10 2006

I am finding it difficult to move today as Mr Motivator ran me into the ground last night.  I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks as he had two weeks holiday and then I had to cancel last week so I could finish my coursework.  I worked really hard but seemed to have no energy (not helped by me not eating much yesterday) and now I am waddling like a duck and putting off any unnecessary walking.  I have a file I need to take down the office (approx. 15-20 metres) and I am waiting until I need to go there for another reason which is pretty lame.

In other news, I pulled off the most amazingest ‘get-up-and-get-ready-for-work’ this morning.  I was in a very deep sleep and for some reason had snoozed my alarm repeatedly since 6.30am without properly waking up so when I finally did wake up, I realised it was 7.15am which is the exact time I leave the house to go to the station.  Knowing that today was going to be busy, I didn’t want to get the later train so I leapt out of bed, shouted at hubs to get up, threw on clothes, brushed teeth for 10 seconds, brushed hair and pulled on shoes.  Hubs drove like a Grand Prix/rally driver to get to the station (all high revs and exciting gear changes) and I legged it to the platform just as my train pulled up.  My train arrives at 7.26am.  That’s pretty good going.  I then proceeded to fall into an even deeper sleep on the train only to wake at Marylebone groggy, disorientated and pissed off that I wasn’t in bed. 

Work is busy in a good way again which makes the day go much quicker and, despite my inate laziness, it is quite fulfilling as I get to the end of the day feeling like I have achieved something.  See?  There’s hope for my work ethic yet!

In other news, I have just made the most boring online purchase I will make this year:


Hubs and I have grand plans about converting our garage into a utility room-cum-gym!   The shed will give us more room to realise these plans.

Finally, I wish I was at Liverpool Street on Wednesday evening so witness this awesome, if a little strange, rave.  This sort of thing would never happen in Marylebone.  Much too refined, don’t you know.




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