23 10 2006

Having got all fired up with NaBloWriMo, I then disappear and don’t post for a whole week.  How rubbish is that?  I would like to say it’s because I have been saving up all my fascinating insights for November so I have something to write everyday but in fact it’s actually because last week was pretty much the worst week I have had for a very very long time.  I have stuff going on which is so crap I don’t even want to write about it.  So basically if anyone out there is reading this drivel, you will have to bear with me because I may be more ascerbic than usual and not nearly as cuddly as I am usually.

That said, one of the things that always cheers up my work friends and me is the litany of various anecdotes from my time as a call-centre manager.  My favourites (in no particular order) are:

  • The time where I started to apologise to a customer but realised I didn’t have his details on my screen so I didn’t know his name but I had already started saying “Sorry Mister..”.  So I just stopped there and ended up sounding like the Artful Dodger or some other cheeky cockney fellow.
  • The time I called a customer “Sir” all the way through the call only for her to tell me (in a rather gruff voice) “oh, and by the way, this is Mrs Smith not Mr Smith”.
  • The time a call was escalated to me as a high-level management complaint (meaning he had spoken to three other people before asking again to put through to someone higher) .  He was probably as angry as someone can get.  His electricity had been cut off three hours ago because British Gas (ie not us) had accidentally cut his line whilst digging the road.  He told me that he was taping the call for Watchdog.  Very politely, I gave him my full name, my telephone number and then told him to hold for a moment whilst I brought up his account on my screen.  I then accidentally cut him off and then panicked so lost his details this I had no record of who he was.   He never did go to Watchdog though, the lying git.
  • The time when I dealt with a complaint for a Mr Redbutt which had not been previously resolved.  Thinking I had done the job well, I expected the call the end on a happy note until he said “and my name is not Redbutt but Redrup”.  Some clever bugger had obviously changed his name on the system (probably because he was such a nob).

I am already getting a few choice stories together from my time at my current job but will save those for another time… you never know who might be reading!!!

This weekend we went to see Evita for my friend’s hen-night.  It was just fantastic.  I love the music so much and I really loved Elena Roger although despite the rave reviews, there were some mixed opinions about her in our group.  I would like to buy the CD/download the music but I am torn… I  think I prefer Madonna’s Evita but I prefer Matt Rawle’s Che.  It’s not that I didn’t like Antonio Banderas (I am not made of stone, people) but Matt Rawle is delectable and thus I have the dilemma.  Maybe I will buy the cast recording CD but the DVD of the film for the best of both worlds… *off to update my Amazon Wishlist*

Finally a couple of pictures that I want to share.  First of all, my new shoes:


And also I was catching up on my The Superficial reading and I found this perfectly hilarious picture:


All I can say is, I can totally relate to that poor mutt.  And I am not talking about Paris.




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23 10 2006

Aw, you poor thing, sorry you’re having a crummy time…

In a bid to help you smile:

I used to work for a small private bank where we had to greet/conduct conversations with customers using their names (ie personal service). We had one old duffer whose surname was ‘Hardon’… but being ex-army, he wasn’t even ‘Mr Hardon’ but (and I swear this is true!)… Major Hardon!!!

We just called him ‘Sir’… 🙂


26 10 2006

I’m sorry to read that you had a shitty week. 😦

And I’m pretty sure my pug would have a freak attack too if that thing picked him up. 🙂

29 10 2006

Hey hon!
Sorry to hear things are shitty at work… hope it won’t last and that the sun will come out of the clouds for you! I think I’ve heard about Mr Redbutt before in the office, great story! Oh and I love your new shoes. Gorgeous! I have spent the day buying a very sexy flat screen TV which will go very nicely in my flat, which I am moving into tomorrow and I just can’t wait. The excitement has been building up for two months now and feel very restless and just want to get in there now. Also really looking forward to catching with you up in a couple of weeks time and hope we’ll get time for a proper chat although I knoew you have bridesmaids’ duties to attend to. Say hello to everyone in the office for me and see you soon!

30 10 2006

Thanks Jen, Alicat and Lena… things are still poo but its nice to have lovely comments. Lena – can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks. xx

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