Off to never never land

30 10 2006

I spent the weekend in my old home town with various sets of friends I don’t see nearly enough. The weekend started with a trip to The Pink Toothbrush; a delectable dive that I love so much but is pretty naff really. It is a rock club I started going to when I was 16 (all black eye make-up and leggings and Doc Martens) and it is the one place in Southend/Rayleigh that I actually miss. It is loud, the floor is sticky but it’s the only place I know where you can order a Rodney (¼ pint of cider, ¼ pint of lager, Reef and blackcurrant). Without realising, my friend and I had actually arranged to go on the very last ‘heavy’ night ever. Each week, Fridays are heavy rock and Saturdays are more pop and dance orientated (with a good splash of rock also). Apparently, Saturdays are now too busy and so Fridays are going to be the same. It’s a real end of an era and I was so pleased to be there. Also, being Halloween weekend, some people had dressed up which was perfect for from-the-stage-people-watching. My neck is only now just about free from pain following a heavy moshing session. Mr Motivator will be pleased to know I had a solid work-out!!!

Songs they played from the must-play list:

  • “Head like a Hole” Nine Inch Nails
  • “Enter Sandman” Metallica
  • “Killing in the Name Of” Rage Against the Machine
  • “Firestarter” The Prodigy
  • “Faith” Limp Bizkit

Songs they didn’t play that they really ought to have:

  • Anything by Pearl Jam
  • Anything by Nirvana
  • “Personal Jesus” Depeche Mode
  • “Been Caught Stealin'” Jane’s Addicition

Saturday afternoon was spent with K and A and it was great to catch up – just a shame we didn’t have more time with them. Then in the evening, on to J and T’s where we had the most delicious home-cooked veggie curry and a lovely evening. Sunday lunchtime was spent with M and S and their most adorable little boy. Considering the number of people we saw, I expected to feel exhausted but on the way back, I just felt really lucky that I have such great friends still, even if we can’t see each other all the time.




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