31 10 2006


Happy Halloween!! I wish I was a) 10 years old and b) American in order to fully get the most out of this day. It always disappoints me how un-Halloweeny we are in Britain. I hope we get some little trick-or-treaters tonight but I expect that I will be home too late for them even if we do due to my ridiculously-long commute.

From tomorrow, I have to post every day for a month so I have been cheating preparing by making notes of things to write about in case I lack inspiration. I have not quite got to the stage of writing entire posts ahead of time although I am going to have to do something like that on the 25th as I am a bridesmaid that day so I don’t think I will have a whole lot of opportunity to get online!! Don’t worry, I will find a way round it.

We have a new girl who has started at work so I am trying desperately to set a good example by not:

  1. bunking off early because the boss is ill
  2. swearing too much
  3. slacking off
  4. writing my blog (oops)
  5. slagging off our colleagues
  6. being stroppy

So far I have only managed number 1.




One response

1 11 2006

I agree: it’s a shame. I was raised by American parents in Britain, and we used to carve pumpkins and all that jazz. But it was always a giant disappointment since nobody in Britain seems to get into the spirit. We did have a few trick or treaters last year but most of the local kids seemed more intent on letting off fireworks horizontally down our street, so I called the police and stayed indoors.

Kiwis don’t seem to enter into the spirit of Halloween either. But then, I look at the marketing of Halloween in the USA now and it makes me want to puke. Have you seen the supposed ‘costumes’ aimed mostly at girls? I saw some on the blog ‘Why I Don’t Like You’ if you want to check them out.

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