Day 30

30 11 2006

I feel exhausted.  That might be because it is 10.55pm and I am needing sleep.  It might be because it’s day 30 of NaBloPoMo and I need a rest from posting… anyway I did it and I can now RELAX. 


Beach Bunny

29 11 2006

Beach Bunny, originally uploaded by eurosys.

I love this photo of me. It is just hilarious. For a start, my mum has squeezed me into this daft bunny all-in-one which was bought for me by my auntie who lives in America. I think my mum forgot about it until it was a little too late and I had really outgrown it, hence the stretched ‘hood’. We are on a beach, would you believe, not at the town dump. I appear to playing with random toys from a cardboard box (who takes a cardboard box to the beach anyway?) and the ‘rubbish’ is actually out beach stuff.  The blanket looks like it is army issue.  The expression on my face is inscrutable, but I reckon I am thinking, “St Lucia this aint”.

Word of the Week #1

28 11 2006

A word a day is getting boring… so I’m moving it to a weekly fixture…

nebbish n. a weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person.

Buffy’s back!

28 11 2006

My friend Ste sent me a link today that brought momentary joy to my heart, only for me to realise that my geekdom is about to move on to a whole new level.  The source of joy?  The article’s title, Buffy’s Back!  After realising that there will be no Buffy TV movie after all (Whedon can’t get the funds), I read:

Joss Whedon misses his famous creation, too. Which is why he’s returning to it three years after the show’s final episode with a new comic book series, slated to debut in March, that continues Buffy’s adventures. Whedon, 42, is running the comic as if it were a TV show; after writing the first four issues (a premise-establishing pilot), he’ll oversee other scribes who will write the remaining issues (think: episodes) in what is planned to be 25-to-30-issue saga. ”We’re calling it season 8,” says Whedon, ”and we’re picking up almost right after season seven left off. I don’t know exactly why it or how it happened. I just thought, ‘Oh, I could do that! It would be fun!’ It happens to me every now and then, and causes me to commit to things I really don’t have time for.”

The worst thing is that instead of just thinking “Pah!  A comic?  That’s shit”, I actually thought “I am SO going to have to buy that!”.

I am lost forever.  Now, where is my nearest comic book shop..?

Congratulations Zoe and Chris

27 11 2006

Zoe and Chris, originally uploaded by eurosys.

My friend Zoe married Chris this weekend and I was there to share their happy day as one of her bridesmaids.  It was a fantastic wedding in a gorgeous setting with lots of surprises like singing ‘waiters’ and lasers.   I love this photo.

Word of the Day #12

27 11 2006

bombinate vb. to buzz; to hum; to drone.

Word of the Day #11

26 11 2006

callow adj.  immature; lacking adult perception, experience, or judgment.