Ok, let’s get this party started. I guess.

1 11 2006


All the posts I have read on sites participating in NaBloPoMo have started in a triumphant “let’s go” fashion but I can’t quite muster the necessary gusto for an all-guns-blazing post so consider this the most low-key and understated first post of the month you will read.

Rather annoyingly, the two things that I wanted to write about today are things that I cant due my self-imposed censorship rules: The first thing – I just can’t. The second, because it involves work, and a person so incredibly dull, I can actually see him suck the life-force out of our new girl. See? I have already said too much. I will probably get the sack soon now. Oh well.

I considered sending the following to Overheard in London, but frankly, I can’t be arsed. I was on the tube last night (central line at about 5.27pm) and the driver made the following announcement in the most perfectly sardonic voice:

Please be sure to step BACK from the platform edge as the train approaches the station. If it hits you, it will sting.

It made me smile. I like it when train drivers exhibit signs of humanity.




2 responses

2 11 2006

Ok, so ya have me beat for low-key, but not by much.

I’ve actually been looking forward to NaBloPoMo, but there’s a good chance that I’m a twit.

Good luck!

2 11 2006

I’m fully expecting a lot of my NaBloPoMo entries to be uninspiring. I’m hoping my readers can relate to topics like belly-button lint, what I had for breakfast and how many red cars I saw on the way to work.

…hey, that car idea isn’t half bad!

I liked your blog title, so I clicked over…Happy November!

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