Sunshine and gingerbread

2 11 2006

This morning started off pretty ordinarily after a shitty night’s sleep.  I managed to get myself up on time, have a shower, caught the train.  But my mood was not that great until the following:

  • I woke up on the train all cozy and warm with the sun on my face
  • I walked past Starbucks and noticed they have brought back Gingerbread Lattes for winter.  YUM.
  • It’s Thursday, which means its almost Friday.

My mood was lifted by about 400%.  Not bad eh?

For the past 3.5 weeks, I have been complusively checking the Open University website for my course result, to no avail.  Having the online checking is great but it means that every single time I remember that I am waiting for my results, I have to check because even if I had only looked 30 minutes ago, it is feasible that my tutor had posted my result in the meantime.  So I have to look again.  And again.  Ang again.  So far, no result.

Finally, this picture was sent around at work the other day.  I do like to share things that make me smile – I hope it doesn’t get too dull for you.





2 responses

2 11 2006

Hey, I’m looking forward to the treat of a post a day!!

I think the general consensus was that the A215 results wouldn’t be out until almost Crimbo. I did notice today, however, that the TNMA system closes end of November which presumably means our results will be out by then? Eek! And aaaarrrghhhh.

RSI can be easily avoided by setting up First Class to forward the email with said results to your work/usual email addy for 24 hour monitoring. Obsessed? Me?? Surely not…

4 11 2006

I can tell you how to put a link but if I put one in the comments it will make a button and you won’t know how to move it so email me at the address linked to this and I’ll send it to you. 🙂

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