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5 11 2006

Today I should have been writing my essay for my new Open University course. Despite the fact that it is due in on Tuesday and despite the fact that there is no online submission for this course, I have not yet written one single word. My last minute essay writing better come through…

I really am a little ashamed that my two weekend posts are so short and crap because I really ought to be able to find the time to come up with something inspriational and just hilarious when I am at home rather than at work but apparently, I find the workplace very conducive to blogging. Maybe next weekend I will be a little more sparky.

So that this post is not a complete washout, here is one of the poems I submitted for my end of course assessment. It’s pretty shite but it makes me smile. That’s gotta be worth something, hasn’t it?!

I Wish

I wish I were brave:
I could give blood
Or stand up for injustice
Or tell the person using their
Mobile in a phone-free carriage
To please be quiet.

I wish I were good:
I would make a difference,
Or save a life
Or remember to call
My friends when I

Say I will.
I wish I were profound:
I should ponder the problems of the world
Or philosophise on life
And not care how I look
And how much
I weigh.

PS thanks for all the sidebar help guys… much appreciated.  I am such an HTML newbie.




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