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8 11 2006

I received this comment from a journalist for a free paper in London and I am not quite sure what to think. It has made me consider who I actually want reading this and who I don’t. I am ashamed to say that I am a compulsive blog stat checker (although my stats make paltry reading) so I obviously do want as many people as possible to read this. One day I had three-times the average viewing figures and I have no idea why. It gave me an amazing buzz. However, there are still people, including my parents, who do not even know I write this thing.

The main reason I haven’t told them is because I know my mum in particular would love to read it but would be very disapproving of my language. Having already censored myself in plenty of ways for the sake of my job etc., I feel aggrieved to restrict how I express myself. I want to be able to swear. It helps when I am angry. I use it for comic effect. I generally am not averse to swearing as I think it is a legimitate form of expression (except the c-word- I hate that). My husband has told me to grow a pair. I am 30 years old so I ought to be able to do what I like. Does anyone understand my reluctance to reveal this side of myself? Anyone have any advice?

Anyway, I have decided I am not going to call Ms Eysenck. To start with, I do not really consider this a ‘London’ blog. I don’t live or work in West London so have no connection with that area. I definitely wouldn’t want them to print a picture (euw). And I am under no illusion that she would have randomly searched for people who mention London and left multiple comments the same as the one she left for me. I doubt she has even read any of my posts. But I can’t help feeling flattered and tempted at the thought that my little blog would be in print. And that more people would know about it and come and read and laugh and cry with me…Does that make me a media-whore?

See, I just used the word ‘whore’. What would my mother say? Tsk tsk.

p.s. It also occurs to me that this journalist can know nothing about people who live in the internet (I don’t live in the internet but you know what I mean) – leaving me her phone number??? So foolhardy. She would have been much more likely to get a tentative enquiry from me had she left her email address. I don’t do phonecalls if I can help it. Email is much cozier. Plus it is easier to email when you have a job rather than sneak off to make a call to some random newspaper which may or may not turn out to be propoganda for nazis or something. Not that I think anything in my blog would be considered appropriate for such a publication, you understand. At least I do hope not. I would be most upset if that were the case.




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9 11 2006
sell-out « my so-called blog

[…] So we already have established that if I had any kahones, I would be a media-whore. And now I am officially a capitalist sell-out too because I have just set up my very small but perfectly formed shop. The two designs have been affectionately created today by me so I am feeling all creative and can’t wait to make my first million selling t-shirts that are only funny if you work with me. You never know, someone else may like them…. here’s hoping. Now what can I spend my earnings on…. I am also very excited because I have learned enough HTML to make a sidebar button to link to my shop. NaBloMoPo has really taught me a lot.   […]

12 11 2006

I applaud you for taking the high road–I think I would have been tempted! I recently revealed my blog to my parents after about a year, and I get the impression they read the whole thing in one sitting, were mildly amused (and maybe slightly baffled), and then never came back. Ah, well. Though they do now occasionally call me by my middle name, which is what I go by on my blog.

3 04 2009
sell-out « all five horizons

[…] 2006 by allfivehorizons So we already have established that if I had any kahones, I would be a media-whore. And now I am officially a capitalist sell-out too because I have just set up my very small but […]

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