Day 13 – unlucky for some

13 11 2006

I have just signed my new season ticket loan letter and was appalled to see that the increased price this year has meant that I am now paying over £400 per month to travel to work. Eeuch. It’s £405 to be exact. Does this seem like a lot to you? It’s all a bit of a vicious circle because I couldn’t earn anything near what I do if I worked locally. But if I lived near to work, I would have to live in London and I don’t want that (plus living cost would sky rocket). It just seems criminal to pay £4860 a year to travel on trains that:

  • are late on occasion (although I acknowledge that our train company is better than most)
  • lack heating and lights on occasion (like this morning, for example)
  • are not very frequent

I agree that this list is not very damning. But for £4860 I want a perfect service, dammit. I want free food and entertainment. And blankets and pillows. And a bed.

I also just want to say that I realised I did not acknowledge that it was Remembrance Sunday yesterday. I did observe the two minute silence and thought about all those people who died (rightly or wrongly) fighting for our country. I specifically thought about my grandfather (who would have had a birthday yesterday if he was still alive) who fought in the 2nd World War, was shot, captured as a POW and survived to return home to start a family including my dad. He never liked to talk about his time in the war and certainly never attended ceremonies. I cannot imagine what he suffered. It kind of puts my whinging about my season ticket into perspective.




3 responses

14 11 2006

Perspective is humbling, isn’t it? I got a little dose of that today myself.

14 11 2006

Oh, goodness, the trains here are soooo expensive (and all the zones, etc, are so complicated)! Speaking of perspective, I can’t believe I was upset that the rates increased in New York from $72 to $76 per month. What a bargain!

14 11 2006

I suppose I am stupid enough to travel so far to get to work but I am kinda stuck for now… a four buck increase is really not bad!! My annual ticket increased by over £200 in a year :-0 !!

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