Not a green finger in sight

20 11 2006

We have got a few plants in our house, all of which we have had for some time but none that actually look like they are happy living here. All except one. My parents bought us this flowering plant last year and we thought it was very pretty but completely unsuitable for us. There was just no way we would keep it alive. We watered it when we remembered, enjoying the bright yellow flowers. As they fell, we thought, “that was nice while it lasted”. Never in a million years did we expect the plant to not only stay alive, but yield even more beautiful flowers that lasted a good few weeks. We captured the plant in all its glory on our kitch en windowsill just in case it was a fluke and it never flowers again:


Isn’t she pretty? Just to prove I am not lying about our lack of plant-finesse, here is a collection of other house plants that are unfortunate enough to find themselves with us:

In the kitchen:


This poor little mite is usually on the kitchen windowsill:


This likes the shade. So we keep it on the windowsill. I do keep meaning to move it…


And despite everything, this brave little soldier just keeps growing. Please ignore the dusty leaves.







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