Buffy’s back!

28 11 2006

My friend Ste sent me a link today that brought momentary joy to my heart, only for me to realise that my geekdom is about to move on to a whole new level.  The source of joy?  The article’s title, Buffy’s Back!  After realising that there will be no Buffy TV movie after all (Whedon can’t get the funds), I read:

Joss Whedon misses his famous creation, too. Which is why he’s returning to it three years after the show’s final episode with a new comic book series, slated to debut in March, that continues Buffy’s adventures. Whedon, 42, is running the comic as if it were a TV show; after writing the first four issues (a premise-establishing pilot), he’ll oversee other scribes who will write the remaining issues (think: episodes) in what is planned to be 25-to-30-issue saga. ”We’re calling it season 8,” says Whedon, ”and we’re picking up almost right after season seven left off. I don’t know exactly why it or how it happened. I just thought, ‘Oh, I could do that! It would be fun!’ It happens to me every now and then, and causes me to commit to things I really don’t have time for.”

The worst thing is that instead of just thinking “Pah!  A comic?  That’s shit”, I actually thought “I am SO going to have to buy that!”.

I am lost forever.  Now, where is my nearest comic book shop..?




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