Beach Bunny

29 11 2006

Beach Bunny, originally uploaded by eurosys.

I love this photo of me. It is just hilarious. For a start, my mum has squeezed me into this daft bunny all-in-one which was bought for me by my auntie who lives in America. I think my mum forgot about it until it was a little too late and I had really outgrown it, hence the stretched ‘hood’. We are on a beach, would you believe, not at the town dump. I appear to playing with random toys from a cardboard box (who takes a cardboard box to the beach anyway?) and the ‘rubbish’ is actually out beach stuff.  The blanket looks like it is army issue.  The expression on my face is inscrutable, but I reckon I am thinking, “St Lucia this aint”.




One response

30 11 2006

That’s a great picture! Love your expression..and your description cracked me up!

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