I’m still alive

4 12 2006

Wow it was nice to have a weekend off without stressing about making time to post.  All in all I really did enjoy posting everyday for NaBloPoMo but I think it did mean that I posted more crap than I would normally… oh who am I kidding… this is all crap, right?

Anyhoo, I will at some point write a shout-out post giving love to all the great blogs I discovered in November but right now, I have an essay to write.  By tomorrow night.  Word count needed = 1500.  Word count written = 0.  I haven’t even written out the title yet.

In other news, we did most of our Christmas shopping which was very cool and exciting.  Ricardo bought me my christmas present (boots!) which I immediately wore because the shoes I had chosen to wear were totally inappropriate for trawling round Birmingham.

Right, off to write that damned essay…




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