Another one bites the dust

6 12 2006

I have just finished my second essay for my new course.   In typical me-fashion, I had not started to write this until today.  By the time I came home, I had written 300 words (work was unnaturally busy today which stopped my from writing much at all during the day) and so I managed to bash out another 1300 words this evening.   Now the essay just needs to be delivered by my lovely hubs when he finishes his overtime (which means technically it will be late in but lets hope my tutor goes to bed before midnight meaning he will not know for sure that the essay was late in)!

I have just poured myself a can of the amber nectar, and was about to enjoy some That 70s Show but I cannot find our Sky remote control.  I don’t know if the cleaner has ‘tidied’ it or if Ricardo purposely hid it so that I would not get distracted by the TV whilst trying to write my essay.  If its the former, I have looked in all the obvious places.  If its the latter, I commend the idea but I HAVE FINISHED NOW AND I WANNA WATCH ME SOME TEEVEE!!!!!




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