New Year, New Me?

4 01 2007

I don’t normally spend any time thinking about New Year Resolutions but this year, I really feel like I need to make some.  There are areas of my life in which I seem to make the same mistakes and though I ought to have learnt by now, I haven’t, so maybe the act of writing it down will cement the things I don’t like about me and my life and help me to put these things right.

  1. I want to be more pro-active.  I waste far too much of my precious-little time by procrastinating, watching TV and generally avoiding the parts of my life that require effort.  Doing this makes me stressed.  Not only that, but I miss out on doing fun things that take effort (not everything I put off is a chore).  I rush assignments for my Open University course which means my unrealistic high expectations for myself are repeatedly let down due to sub-standard work.  It also means my husband has to drive to my tutor’s house in the middle of the night to deliver essays which is not very fair.
  2. I want to get creative.  This is linked to Resolution 1 in that if I used my time more effectively, I could spend time making crafty things, cooking scrummy food, taking photographs and writing.  I also want to read more good books and interesting magazines.  That is not to say I am about to stop enjoying such important publications as Heat (magazine), Grazia, OK, Hello etc or Go Fug Yourself, Defamer or The Superficial
  3. I want to continue my blog, working harder to make my posts more worthwhile (whatever that means).  I have really enjoyed starting this and though it has a paltry readership, it has been therapeutic, enjoyable and one day I will have something I can look back on with a smile.  I still struggle with the issue of how much of myself I can reveal.  I have two major things going on in my life right now that I haven’t mentioned because they are personal and scary and do not just affect me (in fact one really is not about me at all).  I need to make a decision about whether I should tell my family about this site (which might mean some retroactive editing) and then ask permission to write about the issues at hand… or just carry on as I have been and stick to the things that I can talk about without recrimination.
  4. I want to be a better communicator at home.  At work, or with friends and family, I am patient and try to always be considerate when I express myself.  For some reason, I do not always extend the same courtesy to the person I love the most. 
  5. I want to be a better, more supportive sister.



3 responses

5 01 2007

For what it’s worth, I think a blog is only worth writing if you can write freely. Family are the biggest censors ever. How about starting a new, anonymous blog if you feel you’d like to write about the ‘big stuff’?

7 01 2007

Thanks, Jen, I am still thinking it over… x

29 10 2008

Very interesting site. I am proud of my tubular engine A joke for you peoples! What do cats like on a hot day? A mice cream cone.

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