Dish of the Day

8 01 2007

Working in London has its advantages: good shops, lovely buildings, erm… the dosh.  But it has its down-sides too.  If you have the commute that I have together with acute lazy-itis like I have, making lunch at home is not an option.  This means you spend a collosal amount of money on lunch and end up buying things that are bad for you, because healthy food is even more expensive and/or not that apetitising.  So my co-worker and I decided to get together, take advantage of our lovely new kitchen which its large fridge, and start making our own breakfasts and lunches at work.  We are on week 2 and have just been for our weekly shop at the supermarket.  Our menu for the week looks like this:


Our aims are to save money and lose weight as we are eating much healthier.  We have already spent just £11 each for a weeks worth of food.  That would not even cover me for two days of breakfast and lunch usually.  It will be interesting to see if we can make it to Week 3!  Now, I just need to start thinking about exercising again….




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