Reasons to be cheerful

19 01 2007
  1. It’s Friday
  2. Clara, my good friend in Singapore, had her baby last night – a little girl called Rosie Francesca. I wish she wasn’t so far away but I am sending her thoughts of love and well-being across the seas!
  3. The sun is shining and today, instead of the sky falling in armageddon-stylee, it is blue with fluffy clouds.
  4. I am going to the wedding of a good friend tomorrow – I still have lots of amusing anecdotes  from the hen weekend which I will share as soon as I have sorted out the photos I took
  5. I am meeting my dad for lunch – which we haven’t done for ages because for a long time we were able to commute together. Seeing him twice a day kind of made the need to meet for lunch less urgent.
  6. American Idol starts tonight – I know I should hate it but I don’t! I much prefer it to our own rubbish X Factor (although Leona kicks ass).
  7. I have been tagged for the first time by the Urban Cowgirl to tell you five things you didn’t know which I will do very soon.  Is it pathetic that I was so happy to be tagged?!



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22 01 2007

What? American Idol? Oh no! I’m going to miss it because here in NZ they appear not to show it. That is, until three years have elapsed. Barely two months ago I tuned in the box to find Bo Bice singing his heart out.

Oh the pain. Full updates please!

22 01 2007

Sure thing!!! The first two episodes were from Minnesota and Seattle.. I still have the Seattle one to watch. There isn’t much to report at this stage because it’s the early stages with all the loons who think they can sing but I will keep you posted. 🙂

3 04 2009
Five things « all five horizons

[…] January 2007 by allfivehorizons I mentioned in my last post, I have been tagged for the first time by Urban Cowgirl, herself a tagged-for-a-meme virgin before […]

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