Five things

22 01 2007

I mentioned in my last post, I have been tagged for the first time by Urban Cowgirl, herself a tagged-for-a-meme virgin before she was tagged for this one. So here goes: Five things that you don’t know about me. Do not expect this to be particularly enlightening!

  1. When I was 13-14 years old, I pretended to be into gangsta rap. It’s true that I thought Ice T was the coolest man on the planet. And it’s true that I owned OG: Original Gangster on tape (old school or what:?!). But that is where my interest and knowledge ended. But all the cool kids were listening to rap and I listened with them. Partly because I desperately wanted to be cool. Partly because I was intrigued. But largely because I fancied one of the boys in the group and I wanted to impress him. For the same reason (although not the same boy) I a) joined the venture scouts, b) had a party that wrecked my parents house, c) went through a friend-divorce… need I go on?
  2. On Friday just gone, I sent an email enquiring about joining an amateur dramatic group. I have always wanted to do something like this but I have either been too easily led by friends who do not have the same inclination or too lazy. I want to put that right before I get too scared or too busy to do it. I may have to start on behind-the-scenes duties to ease myself in.
  3. I want live in Wilmington, NC. Yes, I know it’s where Dawson’s Creek was filmed – which is why we visited it last year – but that is not why I want to live there. I just loved it there. Have you ever been to a place and felt at home straight away? I want to be able to hang out down by the river, browse for CDs at CD Alley, eat lunch at the Reel Cafe…
  4. I am extremely insecure which usually comes as a surprise to people who have met me. I think I come across as confident and happy-go-lucky but if you chip into the surface, a whole range of scared-kitten sensibilities are seething. I am jealous and self-doubting and worry that people wont like me.
  5. My ideal job would be a housewife who raises beatuifully behaved children, cooks delicious food, makes delightful crafty things and keeps an immaculate house. As I think I will have to work for us to be able to afford things like a roof over our head, food etc., my next favourite job would be a teacher. I do not think I am really city slicker material.

So, unless you have already done this (I have been too lazy to check your archives), now its your turn Jen, Contrary, Vicky and KidKate.




4 responses

22 01 2007

Oh, sod. Have never done such a thing in me little life. So, um, cheers for that. Shouldn’t you be writing a TMA? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Gangsta rap indeed.

And AmDram. Yay! Go for it!! I used to play in the orchestras for stuff like that. The parties rock, I tell you. You will SOOOO love it 🙂


23 01 2007
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23 01 2007

HEE I was hoping you would be flattered rather than aggrieved!!! 🙂 And yes I do have a TMA to write, but as it isn’t due in this week, the likelihood of me starting it is slim to none.

3 04 2009
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