Janneke and Nick’s Big Day

23 01 2007

Enjoying their day, originally uploaded by eurosys.

We had a lovely day on Saturday at Janneke and Nick’s traditional English wedding – the photos are on flickr.  The food was delicious (lamb courtesy of her parent’s farm in Wales), the speeches were fun (and I came very close to winning the sweepstake which one of the ushers ran for how long the speeches would last) and the venues were lovely.


The celebrations for the wedding really started on the weekend of 5th-7th Jan when I drove over to the west of Wales to join the other girls for Janneke’s hen weekend. It was not your average, L-plate veiled, condom wielding, tiara and handcuff wearing affair that you usual find on the streets of Blackpool, Bournemouth and Brighton. There wasn’t a stripper, a stretch limo or copious amounts of alcohol. I didn’t even wake up on Sunday morning with a headache, let alone a full-on hangover. What we did have, though, was fun. And tons of it. There is always the feeling of slight trepidation when you go to these things, knowing that you only know the hen herself and maybe one other (which I did in the this case). The entire hen party was 16 in total – quite an impressive number. Luckily everyone was a peach. It was such a nice group of girls.

We arrived late on Friday night. I introduced myself to some of the party by driving down the lane which was leading up to the cottage (thinking I had gone the wrong way, I turned back down the single lane winding track). I met two cars coming up the other way, and the only option was for me to reverse back up the track without the aid of my side or rearview mirrors since it was pitch black behind and I couldn’t see the low wall on the righthand side or the cliff on the left! After a bit of negotiating with the wall (which luckily did not cause Zizou any permanent damage), I made it to the clearing at which point I fell out the car in relief to be greeted by Janneke.


At the cottage, her sisters had been busy getting things ready. Hot pea soup was on the stove for those who were hungry and introductions were made. Most of us had travelled quite some way to be there so bed beckoned.

In the morning we were given the option of a) going for a ‘short’ walk which, and I quote, was “half an hour there and half an hour back” (this is NOT short) or b) lying in and having a leisurely breakfast. Only it wasn’t a real choice. It was a ‘do what you think is best’ choice. So we wellied up, pulled on our waterproof trousers and stepped out into the rain for our walk down to the beach and village. The scenery was just amazing. The walk back up the cliff was a challange but as there was a seven-month pregnant lady managing it I couldn’t really complain!

After drying off, we headed out to visit Janneke’s parent farm. I loved it there. Such cute animals.


I decided I wanted to be a farmer. Without the early starts, of course. Or the cold. Or the hard work. We had a tour of the donkeys’ barn, the cow shed (where a calf was born as we walked round) and then on to the new sheep shed where Janneke’s mum had made up some tables ready for some delicious pancakes and tea.

But first, we had a game to play. There were four rams lined in pens. We had to get into pairs and judge each ram on its merits according to the following criteria:

  • head (strong and masculine)
  • fleece (close-knit)
  • legs and feet (legs straight, feet flat on ground)
  • loin (big and firm to get lots of loin joints out of it)
  • teeth (no over- or underbite)
  • musculature (nice ass)
  • balance (walked straight)
  • testicles (a stone in each sac (and we did have to feel to check!))

It was a hoot. I was paired with Janneke who was worried about not winning as her father would expect her to be able to do this with her eyes closed. Luckily we did win!

After the pancakes, we left to go to do some pottery for a couple of hours. I decided I didn’t want to be a farmer, I wanted to be a potter. It was so much fun. Like grown-up Playdoh. For the first hour, my group made Welsh dragons and then for the second hour, animals (I made a sleeping cat as it looked easy. It wasn’t).



We then headed back to the cottage to get ready for dinner. Before dinner, we played the Pants Game. We all brought a pair of knickers to the party and Janneke had to guess who had brought each pair. I actually made a pair of knickers by buying a plain white pair and some transfer paper. The logo said I [heart] Hussey. Mike Hussey is an Australian cricketer at whom Janneke and I cheered when we went to Lord’s on a corporate day. He was yummy and acknowledged our girlish squeals with the occasional nod or lift of the hand. We were in champagne-fueled heaven and it was a great day. Janneke clearly didn’t remember it though, and promptly thought Hussey meant hussy and was mildly offended! I gave the game away by saying ‘don’t you remember’… oh well.

We went to dinner at the village pub (picture sleepy traditional Welsh pub with sixteen girls arriving at once!). We had fun and wine and food. We went back to the house for a bit more wine then bed. Phew what a day!!! I did more that day that I have ever done in all the Januarys of my life added together!

The next morning, I had a bacon sandwich and then drove home, ready to collapse on the sofa with ricardo and a nice cup of tea.




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