24 01 2007

I am currently enjoying a whole host of TV shows, and since I cannot be bothered to keep up my TV blog, I thought I would share them with you here:

  • Ugly Betty – I have fallen in love with this show.  The protagonist, Betty, is not ugly but is, dare I say it, disfigured by bushy brows, awful hair and shocking braces.  I know that it is fairly predictable.  And I also know it is not exactly earth-moving stuff, but I love it.  I also kind of love Daniel (cue new TV crush).
  • ER – Although I am pretty frustrated that Neela and Ray aren’t in love and together and all that, I am enjoying all other aspects of the new season immensely.  I have already sneaked peeks on YouTube to see what is going to happen although I haven’t reallt learned much other than Gates is still a dick.  I went off this show a could of seasons back but I am back on board!
  • Lost – last year, we went on holiday for 3 weeks and my darling ricardo, ever the cautious bunny, decided to unplug the Sky+ box for saftely reasons meaning none of the shows we were watching recorded (Alias, 24 and Lost being the main ones).  I have since watched Alias (of course) but we still need to catch up on Lost and 24 as the new seasons have already started.  We have therefore been watching Lost nearly every night and I am hooked!  So many people had said that it was going downhill that I really wasn’t expecting that much, and maybe watching it in quick succession helps, but I literally jumped out of my skin last night and got chills!!! We are about 6 episodes to the end of Season 2, then we need to get the first few of Season 3 which have already aired on Sky one. 
  • Angel – A much-loved show of mine that I don’t yet own on DVD (except for Season 1), I have been watching this as they are showing the 4th (and worst) season on the SciFi channel.  It’s great watching stuff on Sky+ because I can zip through all the crud and just watch the good bits… Evil Cordelia getting on my nerves? Zzzzzippppp.  Connor creeping me out?  ZZZZippppp.  Gunn actiling like a tool?  Zzzzzipppp.  I still want to buy the DVDs of the other seasons but this will keep me going for now.

In addition to the above, we still start watching season 6 of 24 as soon as we are ccaught up on the last few episodes of season 5 that we missed.  I will also be looking forward to Bones and Smallville which should be back on TV in Feb. 

An essential part of the viewing experience are the fabulously snarky recaps brought to us my the mightly Television Without Pity.  If you watch any of the shows they cover, I would highly recommend reading them.  They also make a fantastic replacement if you can’t get to watch (I am talking you Urban Cowgirl!).  Heroes is another new show that is coming to UK TV in February on the aforementioned SciFi channel….which means Erin recaps – yipeeee!! 




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