Monday blues

29 01 2007

I have not had the best start the week.  For a start, I am fed up with walking into the office in the morning, to be met with little or no acknowledgement that I arrived.  A cheery ‘morning’ from me gets a grunt from some, a whispered ‘morning’ back from my closest colleague and that’s it.  It is the most depressing atmosphere at the moment, and being the ultra-sensitive soul that I am, I take it completely personally.  I am just not feeling the love right now.  This may have something to with the fact that I had been bitching over MSN about a certain ‘situation‘.  Or it may be just because it’s Monday and everyone is feeling blue.  But still, I HATE it and it makes me want to pack my things and get the fug out of here. 

I am also a little bit bummed that I have still only done one new thing this year – and that involved molesting some poor rams.  It is almost a whole month into the year and that is all I have achieved???  Rubbish!

In brighter news, I have now caught up on Lost and it ROCKS.  I cannot wait for it to return to our TV.  Kate and Sawyer – aw!  Jack seeing them – aw!  On another island – eeek!  Also, we go to Ireland on Saturday – which will probably be my New Thing No. 2 for 2007.  More on this later!!! 

I will leave you with a picture of me and my mum when I was little.  We went to the Silver Jubilee parade in our village.  I love this photo – mum is hiding something from me in her hand!  The quality is not great as it is from a scanned photo that had water damage.





2 responses

29 01 2007

My coworkers grunt at me, and I grunt right back at them. Of course, that’s what I expect (being the only female in the department full of computer geeks).

I’m so ready for Lost as well. Wednesday is going to rock.

29 01 2007

I actually do work with some nice people but the atmostphere is not conducive to pleasantries at the moment – pah!

We will have an extra week for Lost in the UK I think… eeek!

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