Learning the lingo

30 01 2007

Working with someone 6 years my junior is an education.  I have learned a whole host of new phrases that the kids are using today:

To mug s.o. off  vb. To take advantage of, or take liberties with, someone.  Can be used as an aggressive question e.g. “Are you muggin’ me off?”

Blood n.  A close friend or relative, can be used as a nickname.   “You comin’ then, Blood?”  Synonyms: Bruv and Cuz.

To buoy s.o. off  vb.  To get in s.o.’s way both literally or figuratively.  Usually used as an aggressive question “Are you buoying me off?”

To tump s.o. in the boat vb. To hit someone in the face.  Tump is derived from ‘thump’.  ‘Boat’ is derived from the Cockney Rhyming Slang – boat race, face, e.g. “I’m gonna tump that rude gal in the boat if she’s not careful”.

Yard n. House, residence, e.g. “Don’t make me come to your yard”

Bop 1. n. A long or complicated journey, usually taking a long time, e.g. “It was a proper bop”.  Synonym: mission.

Bop 2. vb. To walk, to move from one place to another,  to leave e.g. “I’m bopping”.

Sick adj. extremely good.  Synonyms: heavy and bad

You can’t find some of these on the Urban Dictionary even, they are THAT with it.




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