Suspect package

13 02 2007

I am so over having to evacuate the building or hide in the basement everytime some fool parks his transit van outside our office.  We spent an hour in the dark, dusty basement waiting for the all clear.  Rumours were circulating that there were several suspect packages on Bishopsgate and we had to take precautions as we were in the blast zone.  Nice, huh? 

I would always rather play it safe and evacuate/hide but its just so annoying and sad that there is a very real threat out there which makes a forgotten shopping bag or a delivery van something much more sinister.

At one point, we couldn’t find one of our colleagues so we had a panicky few minutes of trying to locate her – just in case the threat was real.  It turned out the canny gal had got out the office first and was right at the back of the basement!! 

On the bright side, I just enjoyed a lucnheon at Claridge’s – one of the definite perks of the job.  Champagne, yummy food and all I had to do was talk to my client for a bit.  Shame it’s not like this every day.




One response

13 02 2007
Urban Cowgirl

It is sad, I agree.

Before Sept 11 2001 I worked for a freedom of expression NGO in London, and they had been targetted by nutcases in the past. Once someone sent them a parcel of bullets, and whenever a package arrived where there was no sender marked, and it wasn’t addressed to a specific individual, we were all herded out into the stairwell to wait for the police to arrive.

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