Fat Tuesday

21 02 2007

Sorry one more moan – I completely forgot pancake day yesterday. And now it’s too late. You can’t have pancakes on Ash Wednesday – that brings on some bad mojo (maybe I’m mixing my religions there)…. GRRRRRR. That is all.




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22 02 2007

Oh dear… you can still have pancakes. Pretend to be French and call them crepes.

Here you are: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database/applecrepeswithcalva_66224.shtml

Apple crepes with Calvados. That’ll get the essay juices going, no? And you can’t get bad karma from Delia Smith. That would just be ridiculous!

*Waving my magic wand at you and making it all better*


22 02 2007

Ah oui!!! C’est une idée magnifique! Merci bien, Jen.


22 02 2007
I Wish!

le singe est vers le haut de l’arbre

22 02 2007

Le singe est coincé. Il est triste. Il a l’aucun crepes.

Yeah. Babelfish it. It’s the monkey I feel sorry for.

PS: Dear Kate, please email a Delia crepe asap. My life depends upon it. Yours in pancake desperation, Me xxx

22 02 2007

Oh I wish I could but I just don’t have the ingredients to hand. At my desk. In my office. At work…. sorry!

22 02 2007

Pffffff. (The sound of pancake-deficient death. I won’t hold you responsible. Even though you clearly are.)

I enjoyed my life, such as it was.

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