Procrastination for the nation

21 02 2007

It’s everywhere I look. Bloggers everywhere seem to be blogging about what they should be doing and what they are doing to avoid doing what they should be doing. Phew! For me it’s that time again. Well, in truth, it’s actually 8 days PAST that time again. I am overdue on my next OU essay and I have not yet written a word. Illness and a holiday have so far given me pseudo-reasons for not getting on with it. Also, my tutor has ignored the two emails I sent to him requesting an extension (both sent BEFORE the due date like a good little girl). So I am in a huff with him for not replying. Yeah, I will show him. Watch me not do my essay. I keep changing my mind about which essay to write so I have done the reading for both. The questions are:

  1. Compare Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’ with the lyrics of a popular song of your choice, identifying similarities and differences in the linguistic techniques employed to enhance their impact on the reader/listener. Discuss whether a clear distinction can be drawn between the creative genres of song and poetry, OR
  2. Discuss the changing value of the concept of the canon of English literature.

I know I leave things to the last minute but I am seriously struggling to write this essay. My heart is not in it and when that happens, well, I am screwed. The problem is my heart is not in a lot of things lately. I feel like everything has come to a stand still and I am standing on my own in the middle of nowhere with nothing in front or behind. There is a lot of pressure on me to stick with this course – if I am serious about becoming a teacher – an English teacher at that – then I ought to be able to summon the necessary passion or will to write 1500 goddamn words.

Ack this isn’t getting my essay written, is it? Sorry for the whinge. I am off to look up the lyrics to ‘Who let the dogs out’ or some such shit and get the fuck on with it.




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