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4 03 2007

I had the day off on Friday. Instead of getting up (not that early) and traveling 2.25 hours on one train and two tubes to get to work, work for 8 hours then drag my sorry ass back again (there’s room at my pity party for guests if you would like to join me), my mum and I spent the day at a lovely hotel near Stratford-upon-Avon, about 20 minutes for my house. My dad had bought my mum a spa day for Christmas and knowing what she is like (i.e. not confident enough to go to a spa day on her own), he bought one for me too!

We arrived at the newly-built super-swank spa at 9.30am and after a tour of the facilities (Will you be using the gym? No. Will you be taking an exercise class? No. Just show us where the sauna is.), we spent the morning swimming and the sitting in a variety of places: the inside jacuzzi, the outside jacuzzi, the Finnish Sauna, the Caldarium (which was a bit too hardcore for me – I had to wimp out after 5 minutes), the Laconium (a warm room with heated curved seats – weird) and the Tepidarium (a slightly cooler warm room with loungers and funky lights – still weird). After a taxing morning of sitting, we had lunch (delicious seafood salad) and then spent the afternoon having three treatments each.

First, I had a Fruit Salt Body Scrub. It was nice and all, although I was a little shocked when she exfoliated my boobies. I was NOT expecting that. I am not a prude but it was a bit of a surprise, is all. Then I had a full body massage (excluding boobies). Then I had a pedicure (excluding boobies).

It was an awesome day, the only downside being that I had the start of a cold beforehand and overexposure to the sauna brought out that bad boy big-stylee. I would still take a weekend of stinky cold in place of a day at work so it’s all gravy. Plus my dad rocks for getting us such an excellent present. Plus it was fantastic spending a whole day with my Mum.

The rest of this weekend we have:

  • taken a trip over to Alcester to buy my mum’s birthday present
  • watched V for Vendetta – I liked it but it’s no 1984.
  • gone to see Hot Fuzz again at the cinema. Because it is really that good.
  • got up at 8.30am this morning to accept delivery of our new coffee table
  • caught up on American Idol
  • entertained our friends with their 8 week-old baby girl

I still have a sodding essay to write. It is what I need to be doing now. So instead I will look at the house to-do list and see if there is anything on there I want to do. I told you I love lists.


As you can see, some items are easier to get done than others. So I will leave the ‘decorate bathroom’ item for tonight and instead I will make a start on the wedding scrapbook. Or put photos on Flickr.




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7 03 2007

Big list! A fruit salt body scrub? Sounds yummy although I would have freaked about the boobies thing!! I get a little weirded out when during a massage they start to rub up my thigh near my ass!

7 03 2007

Oh yeah that happened during the massage but by then I was totally de-sensitised and barely noticed.

3 04 2009
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