Not much to say

9 03 2007

It’s been a funny week.  This is what I have been up to…


Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  I am really enjoying it – much more than Emma.  I do love Jane Austen.


Ray LaMontagne’s album Til The Sun Turns Black


Alias Season 5 on DVD.  Even though I know Vaughn isn’t dead, I still got misty watching the episode in which Syd plays her comms tapes to her baby bump. 


Tickets to V2007.  We are so stoked to be going to a festival again.  I cannot believe it has been 5 years since our last festival.  I went to every V festival for 6 years from the very first 1996 to 2001.  The line-up looks superb – and my boy Dave will be playing.


After a fairly disappointing visit to Hobbycraft, I have started a patchwork quilt.  I have no idea what I am doing but I am enjoying myself.  Photos coming soon.


A holiday somewhere.  I want to go to the States (Carolinas).  Rich doesn’t think we can afford it.  Rich is probably right.  I want to go anyway.  Any other ideas? 


My damn essay.  Still not done.  Will be done by 4pm tomorrow or your money back.


Our cleaner.  I feel bad about it but she was rubbish.  And £34 a week is a lot of money for a crap clean.  Plus she ruined Rich’s Mets t-shirt.  BAH!


As little as possible


Not at all




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10 03 2007

£34 for a clean? And a crap one at that? You’ve been had, my dear. Our clean (2 bed flat in London) cost us around £20 a week and she did some ironing. And we paid her more than the rate she asked because the rate being asked was ludicrously low and I felt guilty.

£34? Well I never.

10 03 2007

I know – we were paying for four hours a week at £8.50 an hour (inc. agency fees)….. I am so gutted to be left holding the mop/iron…

10 03 2007

AH, the festival looks like fun!

10 03 2007

OMG, can you believe that I’ve never been to a music festival thingy? Growing up on a small rock tends to mean a lack of such things. But, ooh, d’you think it’s too late? I love the Guillemots, and Amy Winehouse, and, and… oh, I’m jealous!

May become a rock chick. Am clearly a late developer 🙂

Hope that essay’s nearly written. If not, what are you doing reading this?!?!!?

*cracks the whip in a sort of scary manner*


10 03 2007

Crumbs… I seem to have reverted to a former self. Perhaps that means I can be both rock chick AND baroque chick.


10 03 2007

Essay not done yet. Did I say 4pm Saturday? I meant Sunday….

Karrie, V is going to be so cool. And it’s, never too late to become a rock chick, Jen. And thanks for being bossy – I need more of that!

10 03 2007

The music fest sounds fun!!! I’m with you on the exerciser – not at all part 🙂

13 03 2007

I miss when Alias didn’t suck. :(.

13 03 2007

Emily – nice to have solidarity!! I really wish I could either a) get motivated to do some or b) (ideally) wake up thin.

And thordora? WORD.

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