Adventures with a camera phone

12 03 2007

On Friday I got took a couple of snaps with my camera phone which I have never actually used before properly.

My colleague and I went to lunch a Yo Sushi near St Paul’s Cathedral (about 10 minutes walk from my office)…


On the way back we tittered at an amusing window dressing…


Then my very own mangeek husband sent me a picture of his new heatsink. So I outgeeked him by adding it as my desktop pic…







8 responses

13 03 2007

What if they ARE actually locked in?

14 03 2007

Wow, that freaked me out about the “locked in”! I would have been knocking on the window or something. I worry too much!!

14 03 2007

Ooh, they are very good… perhaps I’ll learn how to work the camera on MY phone!!

So you were visiting Yo Sushi when you had an essay outstanding? Ok. Good. I can see what sort of a girl you are now 😉


14 03 2007

If they were locked in then it would be too late by the time I took that picture – I walked past there 2 months ago and it was there then…

Also, if they were locked in and they could remove the white stuff to write a message – wouldn’t they remove a big patch so they can be seen thus helped??

I hope so – I feel bad that I may have let people starve to death locked in a shop on Cheapside.

Oh and Jen? I took a substitution on that essay in the end – just couldn’t get my head in the game. Sushi vs essay – EASY! Next one due next week so onwards and upwards.

14 03 2007
Karen Philpott

Your pictures are sooooo coo-all!

I agree, life is too short to miss sushi for an essay.

14 03 2007

Man, that CPU heatsink looks awesome.

14 03 2007

just wait to see the rest of the new ‘puter…. oh my god it’s sexy…

3 04 2009
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