Working in the City

15 03 2007

Another day at work with nothing to do.  I had a chat with a colleague which helped to make the future here seem a bit brighter (for the time being at least) but I am still feeling bored, restless, useless and frustrated.  I think now that I have made the decision that this is definitely not for me, everything annoys me.  I can’t stand the cronyism.  I detest the ‘old boys’ network.  Believe me, a private school education does not teach manners, tolerance or understanding.  If I hear one more homophobic/sexist/racist comment (which happens far too often for my liking – ie at all), I will not be able to keep my head down and ignore it.  I am not cut out for this job.  To be good at it, you need to be confident, steadfast and determined (by that I actually mean arrogant, stubborn and pushy).  I have my moments – I can be stubborn if I want something.  I guess I just don’t want this.

Anyway, whilst I am the wrong fit for the job, I have enough of a reputation to allow me to get by and there is no denying the financial advantages.  I just have to keep saying that mantra: “I will not be here forever”.  I hope to not be here this time next year.  I may even leave before that.  But whilst I am here, I hope I can cling to the small shred of interest that was sparked in my meeting earlier so I can feel less bored, restless, useless and frustrated.

And on that note, enjoy:







3 responses

15 03 2007

Thanks, Kate. That first sign gave me a much-needed laugh (wiping away tears)! Hope things improve at work…

15 03 2007
Karen Philpott

I liked the first one, too! heh, heh.

If you keep saying the mantra ‘I will not be here by next year, I will not be here by next year, I will not …’ The answer will come to you as to where you will be. Promise. kaz xx

16 03 2007

Thanks Kaz and KidKate (I feel I should use your real name but I don’t want to ‘out’ you!)!!

Those signs were just a selection of a load that were sent to me yesterday at a much needed juncture.

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