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20 03 2007

As promised, here are some little pictures of my quilt. Apologies for the poor quality – I still need to learn how to use our new camera.


This one of the bundles of joy that inspired me to start making the quilt. I just loved how the colours looked together and the cute floral fabric.


And this is how far I have got so far. It is a happy accident that the fabric looks so good on our futon (I have now found where I will put it once it is finished). I am completely making it up as I go. EEEK!




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20 03 2007

Poor quality? Are you kidding? Those colors are so vibrant & bold. I LOVE IT!!!

20 03 2007

Wow! I’m so envious… I really can’t do/make anything like that! It must be SUCH a god feeling, actually making something that will last forever…

The colours are gorgeous, very Mediterranean… the orange glows!

You will keep us informed of the progress, won’t you?


20 03 2007

You’ve done so well – very vibrant and cheery. Making stuff up as you go along is the only way I ever work.

20 03 2007


Sewing is on my list of things to learn to do.

21 03 2007

Aw thanks everyone – it really does feel good to make something. For years I pidgeon-holed myself as uncreative so being able to create something feels great! If I can do it, anyone can!!! I will keep you all posted… xx

21 03 2007

Hey, GREAT JOB!! Your quilt looks terrific 🙂

22 03 2007

They are beautiful.

I’ve wanted to sew for quite some time, but haven’t had the time to sit and fiddle with the machine my husband bought me. (The last time i used a machine was in 8th grade home ec.)

22 03 2007

Pretty! I love your inspiration fabrics.

24 03 2007

The fabrics are great–so bright & cheery!

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