22 03 2007


This is my sewing machine.  It was given to me by the mum when she bought herself a new one about 10 years ago.  It was her 21st birthday present which makes it 40 years old.  It looks fantastic, and the stitches are still pretty great provided you don’t ask too much of it.  I have no idea how to change the tension (although I know this function has become temperamental so I am a bit scared to fiddle with anything).

I have been getting advice from the very lovely Kirsten at two lime leaves about buying a new machine which I am absolutely going to do as soon as I can afford it.  In the meantime, I doubt I will risk my quiltbaby on this old girl.  She will probably cope fine but I would hate to ruin my first quilt or break the machine as both are equally precious.




3 responses

22 03 2007
tea and cake

what a lovely machine! Have you had it serviced? This made a huge difference to my tredle when I got it.

23 03 2007

WOW! That brings back sooooo many memories of my grandmother.

24 03 2007

She’s a beauty, eh? But I won’t tell my mum it remind you of your grandmother – that will probably make her feel old!

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