She’s taking pictures again

26 03 2007

My work colleagues think I have gone mad (well, madder) since I have started whipping out my phone to take photos at every opportunity. But I keep thinking how cool it is that I work where I work, how it’s the best thing about working where I do (except for the people) and one day (hopefully in the not too distant future), I wont see the beautiful buildings every day. So expect to see more roving photos in the coming weeks, such as “Views from my window” and “Thames and the Tower of London” and “Lloyds of London from Cornhill” etc. etc.

In the meantime these will have to do. Every morning, I step out of Bank tube station in the City (the Square Mile, the financial centre of London) and I am greeted by this beautiful building:


The Royal Exchange

And then if I turn my head to the left:


The Bank of England

At lunchtime, I cross the street which my office is on and I walk through Leadenhall Market:


Working in London has it’s downsides (pollution, tube travel, terrorism, pricey lunches) but it sure is pretty.




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27 03 2007

I love to visit London from time to time just to remind myself of exactly what you are talking about here – I wouldn’t swap my hills and fields, but the splendour of London buildings is just as awesome – but in a different way – good to share these great pictures! Thank you

27 03 2007

I know how you feel; I am trying to take a picture every day for my website and people look at you like you’re mad when you whip out an SLR and start taking pictures. Think yourself lucky it’s only a mobile phone you are using 😉

PS by coincidence I took a detour via Leadenhall market this morning but I didn’t manage to get any pictures….

27 03 2007

Katie – that’s the beauty of working in London but living in Warwick. People think I am mad but they don’t have the pretty countryside I do at home!

Mark – I keep meaning to bring a proper camera in but at least this way if the photos suck I can blame my phone camera!

28 03 2007

We got our first digital camera when our son was born in 2004 (thank God, or we’d have no pictures of him, the poor thing). Our primary criteria was getting one with max OPTICAL zoom (10x) and so we got a nice little camera.

Well, now we want convenience, and of course, cameras have more features for the dollar. For my husband’s Christmas gift, I got him a very slim, compact Casio that is very portable. Makes it much easier to carry in a pocket or whip out for quick photo opportunities. Now I want one. I cannot tell you how many times I just got an idea or see something during my (congested) commute to work and want to snap a picture. I don’t want a camera phone because I want some max features, but I can certainly understand wanting to take a bunch of pics at every opportunity.

I think when you are used to seeing something, you miss out on the beauty of it. It’s good that you can still see it in your everyday environment while you are there.

29 03 2007


I do the same here in Boston. So many interesting things to take pictures of, that i don’t care if I look like a tourist.

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